Bergamo is Europe

Back in 2014, due to an urge of cultural events felt by some young citizens of Bergamo, AEGEE-Bergamo decided to take the initiative.
As a result, the project “Bergamo is Europe” was organized.
The first public initiative was BERGAMO UNPLUGGED: the music was played in the streets, on request, by independent italian artists. No cover, just original songs played unplugged.
Project Manager | Lisa Gregis
Communication and Marketing Responsible | Silvia Cannarozzi
Human Resources Responsible | Paolo Ghisleni
IT Responsible | Andrea Visinoni
Fundraiser | Mauro Bellani
PR Responsible | Matteo Rovetta
Assistants | Tiffany Pesenti, Laura Iaciofano, Mara Signorelli, Raffaele Pirozzi
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volantino-unplugged-avanti-01 volantino-unplugged-retro-02-01









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