Berlin Tea Time – short film

  • Client : Melanie Hagen
  • Year : 2020
  • Skills : Directing, editing

Film Title: Berlin Tea Time

Year: 2020

Genre: Dark comedy

Production Country: Germany

Duration: 10′

Language: German

Format: Digital, Color

Status: Post Production


When Yvonne (Judith Hahn) struggles to find an apartment where to live in Berlin, her friend Jana (Melanie Hagen) decides to help in her own way.


Yvonne – Judith Hahn

Jana – Melanie Hagen

Clara Albrecht – Ingrid Rosa Feierabend


Written and produced by Melanie Hagen

Directed and edited by Silvia Cannarozzi

Cinematographer – Victor Ming

Camera Assistants – Alan Dresti, Samuel Martinez

Sound – Lawrence Bolton

Sound Recordist assistant – Rosaline Yuen

Music – Elliot Duke

Production Design – Louisa Luna Kühl

Costumes – Andrea Baran

Make up and Hair Stylist – Gamze El-Awayti

Graphic Designer – Emilia Zieser


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