Dance Habit

  • Client : Polartv
  • Year : 2014
  • Skills : Canon 60D DSRL camera, Adobe Premiere
Short movie made with the collaboration of Polartv.
Sinopsis: Dancing as habit of the body, as positive addiction, shows itself in every way, doesn’t matter the place. Dancing becomes decoration of life.

Dancers |  Giulia Barcella, Flavia Montanelli, Lara Bellanti
Director | Silvia Cannarozzi
Production | Polartv
Executive producer | Silvia Cannarozzi
Script | Lisa Gregis
Music | Luca Cattaneo
Camera operators | Silvia Cannarozzi, Simone Marchi
Video Editor | Silvia Cannarozzi
Assistants | Eleonora Mozzi, Federico Tacchini, Tiffany Pesenti
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