Decent People (2023) – short film

A short film by Silvia Cannarozzi and Giovanna Nodari. Starring Giovanna Nodari, Blessing Osadolor and Paul Cless. Set in Berlin.

Premiered in 2023 at the prestigious 36th Exground filmfest (Germany).

A scam phone call against an influencer reveals the paradoxes of our society.

Film Title: Decent People

Year: 2023

Genre: Dramedy

Production Country: Germany

Duration: 13′

Language: English, German

Format: Digital, Color

Status: Completed

Executive Producer: Giovanna Nodari

Writers, directors: Giovanna Nodari, Silvia Cannarozzi


When the life of two opposite kind of women cross each other, the roles get switched. From victim to perpetrator, the step is short.


Sophialoren Giovanna Nodari

Caroline Blessing Osadolor

Police officer Paul Cless

Lily’s young owner Clementina Salvino

Police agent 1 Giulio Baraldi

Police agent 2 Joaquin Aparicio Ramos

Lily (the dog) Ruby



Producers Silvia Cannarozzi, Giovanna Nodari

Director of Photography, Camera Operator Anna Bellettato

Music Composer Athena Varosio

1st Assistant Director Lily Octavia Windish

Set Designer Bridget Hao

Hair and Make Up Artist Maya Roget

Costume Designer Isabel Seidler

Sound Operator Lawrence Bolton

Gaffer Liliane Reufels

1st Assistant Camera Alexandros Liossatos

Production Assistants Maxwell Rousso, Clementina Salvino

Runner Martin Thuernau

Animal Wrangler Erik Frank

Still Photographer Simone Marchetti

Backstage Filmmaker Kirill Milkus



Gaffer Anthony Icuagu

Lighting assistant Jayden Bailey

Assistant Camera David Geigert

Costume Assistant Clarissa Fuhr



Editor and VFX Silvia Cannarozzi

Colorist Marco Minghi

Title Designer Mat Voyce

Sound Editor Claudia Aureli

Re-recording Mixer Riccardo Marsana



Song title “Menticide”

Written by Yann Loisel

Performed by Josi “Big Finga” Coppola, Fabian Zepezauer, Frank “Polle” Pollak, Cedric “Tribuman” Munsch, Lengualerta, Yann Loisel

Courtesy of Yann Loisel



Camera Operator Oliver Rotter

Courtesy of Li Wallis




Rinaldo Rocco, Caprice Crawford,

Giulio Baraldi, Mal Rempen,

Anna Negri, Alice Evermore,

Imogen Kusch, Federica Corti,

Stéphane Riethauser, Gaia Cannizzaro,

Pietro Demcenko, Erica De Lisio,

Nicola Schwarzt, Emma Gasparini Papotti,

Gioele Pistonesi, Anna Kaiser,

Leonardo Kurtz, Mark Esper,

Ido Gotlib, Leandro Goddinho,

Laura Bellino


No Animals Were Harmed in the Taking of this Picture




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